Friday, May 20, 2011

Naming Sheridan

                I have made a list. A quickly growing list of glorious, spectacular things I plan to do this summer. And on the top of that list is “start a blog.” Okay, okay, the idea’s not exactly spectacular, per se, but it’s better than sleeping till 3 and watching TV all summer. Plus it involves writing, which is definitely spectacular.
                Once I decided to start a blog, I concluded that the next step was to name it. And, of course, this began an epic quest in search of the perfect name. And when I say epic, I mean “Frodo goes to Mordor to get rid of that incredibly inconvenient ring” epic, not “Winnie the Pooh can’t find his hunny” epic. I mean, come on. I know how to spell the word “honey.”
                My first task was, as in most epic quests, THINKING. I thought forever. I thought until my brain melted and dripped out my ears. And you know where that got me? Nowhere. I struggled with severe disappointment and tried to think with my partially melted brain until I finally realized what could solve my problem:  a simple Google search!
                Why didn’t I think of this before? How could I have been so stupid?!  Obviously, Google knows everything. It knows that the moon landing was a hoax. It knows that the world will end tomorrow. It even learned (after a very long time) that swimming across the Atlantic isn’t really the fastest way from New York to London (it doesn’t know this yet, but riding a dolphin is clearly the way to go). Google must know how to name a blog!
                So I typed “how to name your blog” in that little box and clicked the first link that came up. Guess what? It told me a bunch of things I already knew. Like, “your blog name should be short,” and, “your blog name should be catchy,” and, “it needs to sound good.” Never have I heard anything less profound.  Thanks, Google.
                Next link. Instead of three things I already knew, this one came up with ten. Great. Stupid Google Search knows the square root of pi, but it can’t figure out how to name a blog. And neither can I. I’m as dumb as an Internet search engine. Actually dumber, because I don’t know (and don’t really care) what the square root of pi is. Fantastic.
                What’s the next step? I couldn’t think of one. So I went to that baby name website and decided to name my blog Sheridan. Do you know what Sheridan means? To seek. To seek a better blog name, in this case.
                Unfortunately, Sheridan is kind of a terrible name for a blog (though it’s not too shabby for a guinea pig or small iguana). So officially, this blog will be known as Quest for Better (cheesy, I know). I’ll change it if I come up with a legitimately good name.
                Until then, say hello to Sheridan, everybody.


  1. Your style is fantastic! I approve. This, I think, will stretch your talents more than writing those cheesetastic radio scripts.

    Stay classy.

  2. *And by cheesetastic radio scripts, I mean the assignment asked for cheesetastic radio scripts and not that your scripts were in any way cheesetastic, since I myself did not see said scripts.

  3. This makes me wish I came up with a creative name for my blog... :)
    Looks gooood!!! Love it Mariiiiaaaa!!!